Savona Caves Hike (Oct 25th, 2019)

On Friday October 25th, TRU Adventure U club had one of the biggest trips of the semester. A bus of 20 participants made its way to the Mt. Savona Provincial Park in perfect fall weather.

The uphill hike started off smoothly through a nice wood trail. In the beginning, most of the participants got tired and needed few little breaks but eventually the hike warmed everyone up as the hike got challenging participants got excited about it and challenged themselves to make it to the top all the way to the caves.

After reaching the caves participants were amazed and dazzled by the beautiful view they got to witness at the very perfect fall weather golden hour, the view was mesmerizing, everyone enjoyed being there in that very perfect moment, body and mind at peace, appreciating the beauty of the lovely evening from the historic Savona Caves.

After the short snack break in the caves, the group started making their way back down. It proved to be more challenging than the way up. Our guides leaded the way for participants to help them make their way down the hill safely. As we walked back to the bus participants were tired but had a proud smile across their face, they were proud of themselves with the fact that they completed this physical and psychological challenging task which scared them at the start and looked impossible to some.

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