Pineview Mountain Biking

By Linda Njenga & Nelson Kleer

On the 19th of October 2019, we all met at 9:00 am a group of 6 participants including the organizers at the gear bay, everyone was handed the waivers to sign then choose the bicycle and a helmet that they were all comfortable with, everybody was happy and started testing their biking riding on the parking lot, we all got together formed a circle and everybody introduced themselves. Nelson went ahead and informed us how the Electric Bicycles works, how to shift the motor from Eco to Trail to Turbo and how to use the brakes, everybody got on their bikes to test if their bikes motor and brakes work.

The bus arrived at 9:45 and we were all geared up and ready to go. Everyone was handed the schedule on how the activity was going to be carried out.

We arrived at 10:20 am everybody packed their lunch (Sandwich, apple, energy bar, and fruit punch) in their backpack. We all got into our bikes with our helmets on and we were ready to take off with Nelson leading the way. The start of the trail was bumpy and very rough and Nelson helped with skills in overcoming obstacles in each and every trail. First, we started with the easy trail for beginners which we rode up the mountain, the trails were really well maintained which made the biking up the mountain easy, everybody was energetic and we all rode while looking out for each other not to leave anyone behind.

Ten minutes later, one of our participants’ bikes had a puncture, luckily we were prepared in case of such an incident would have occurred, the bike was fixed in less than seven minutes and during that time we opted to quench our thirst while looking at the breathtaking views of the mountains.

We decided to ride until we got a spot where we would have our lunch and relax for a while before we rode again, we finally had a spot and had our lunch while enjoying the stunning view of the mountains and sun, however it was very windy and some of use began feeling cold, our participants decided that we should dance to an Indian song and by the end of the dancing we will have warmed up. It was nice knowing and learning some dance moves and by the end of it we were a bit warm and we decided to continue with our riding activity.

By mastering the braking system that was equipped with the bikes, we could easily get through the rough trails and the steep trails. The bikes were equipped with a motor that made the biking experience more easy and fun.

Finally, arriving at the bottom of the trail was an easy challenge, we got the chance to see Catharine Pendrel, the Olympic bronze winner in the women’s category in mountain biking at the bottom of the trails. My team and I rode across the Pineview parking lot for the bus to arrive, the bus arrived at 3:00 pm and we were sad the moment was over, mountain Biking in Pineview was a wonderful and great experience to share with friends. You will experience the ride of your life with wonderful views and a memorable time.

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