McConnell Lake Hiking and Camping (Oct. 26th- 27th 2019)

On Saturday October 26th, Adventure U ran a trip to the Mcconnell Lake to do the hiking and camping. We reached there at 12:30 pm and we were lucky enough to have a sunny day. We had booked two cabins which were located at a hike of 15 minutes. We arrived at the cabin and made our lunch. After that we went on hiking.

Everybody was feeling energetic after having lunch and one thing, we kept in mind that we don’t carry more than 25-30% of our body weight. Because we would be carrying this weight the entire time we hike along the trail.

We came back to the cabins at 5 pm. After having a beautiful hike around the lake, everybody started feeling hungry and some snacks were distributed around. Afterwards, it was the time to set up Dinner. Along with this, team members also set up the sleeping bags in the cabin and stocked logs inside the cabin for the night-time.

Camping is a group activity and all the members gave their 100% by indulging in the group activities such as building Bonfire, collecting tinder and logs, also everybody willingly helped in preparing food. With full stomach, we sat around campfire and let the real camping fun began.

As it started getting dark, we lit up our headlamps, set up the woodstove, and started preparing food on it. Some members lit up bonfire while others were cooking food. As soon as it got darker, everyone started sitting around the bonfire. Our guides were very joyous in nature. They indulged everyone through different games. After dinner, we made chai (Indian Tea) for everyone to enjoy in -2 degrees temperature sitting around campfire. While some got tired and went to bed in the cabin, others spend more time with us and the guides. We all shared our stories, our experiences and How can we forget the Canadian smores while camping. Everybody got a chance to sing songs in their native language and shared the meaning behind the songs.

Everyone was enjoying so much in the night that we didn’t force anyone to go to bed early. Cracking jokes, sharing previous camping experiences and laughter, all together made bonfire even more interesting. Therefore, the next day, everyone woke up at 7:30 after having a good sleep.

For breakfast, we gave hot chocolate, peanut butter and bread to everyone. We had Greek yogurt and cereals to give a choice to everyone. At 9:30, we all headed towards the parking lot and reached before the bus arrived . We were very happy that everything went according to the schedule and we had plenty of time for every activity throughout the camping experience. Everyone went home with good memories and like the purpose of this trip was to have some good time living in the wilderness around nature. It seemed accomplished!!

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