Kenna Cartwright- Last Hike of the Semester

Prepared by Tia Davison and Gemma Crouse

Saturday November 23rd was the last AdventureU trip of the Fall semester! To celebrate the end of the semester and to get a well needed and deserved break from studying for exams, we, along with 17 students, headed up into Kenna Cartwright Park for a group hike.

We met at the Gear Bay at 11am and after playing some fun ice-breaker games, we began our walk. Together, we walked up to the Home Depot parking lot and entered the park from the trailhead there. At this point we took time to recognize that we were on Secwepemc territory and shared our appreciation for being allowed to live, work and play in this amazing area.

Although it was a bit chilly and overcast, this proved to be perfect weather as our first trail (Reservoir) was very uphill. The group did excellently however and we did not need to take a break until we reached the shelter and bathrooms at the end of Reservoir trail. Here, the group relaxed for a bit and took photos of the amazing view that looks over the North Shore of Kamloops. Here, we also ate some lunch as our uphill hike had made us all hungry. We provided the students with some super healthy homemade wraps, juice, and some chocolatey treats!

Continuing on, we headed up the narrower Ponderosa trail. We then linked up onto Lower Doug Daws trail. We stopped again to take a break and admire yet another beautiful viewpoint! Here we took a group photo and a funny Boomerang for Instagram. After looping around Lower Doug Daws trail, we joined onto Ruffed Grouse trail and began to back our way back. The walk back was accompanied by lots of group singing, jokes and funny stories being told. Our group really appreciated the beauty of the park and together, our bodies and minds were at peace. We arrived back at the Gear Bay just before 2:30pm and were welcomed with some amazing sun rays as the clouds separated. Smiles were plentiful, the physical challenge was welcomed and friends were made. Overall it was a fantastic day spent outside in the park!

We hope you all have an awesome winter break and are safe! Looking forward to seeing you on one of our trips next semester!

- Adventure U

#GetOut #BeSocial #HaveFun!

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