Intro to Canoe Day @ McConnell Lake (Oct 19th, 2019)

By Ameen and Alec

AdventureU set out to McConnell Lake for an intro to canoe day. Despite cloud cover and rain in the forecast by the time the buss was loaded and trailer with canoes hitched, Mother Nature was showing her kind side as the sky opened up. Upon arrival at the lake our two guides and nine participants got to know each other a little better with the help of the paddle game. It was a slightly chilly morning with the temps outside hovering just below the 10​o​ mark, running around a bit was a great way to get the blood flowing and start the day. We were ready to jump in boats and head out on the water at this point, not before a quick water safety talk and getting PFD’s on. Our time on the water began with learning a few basic strokes and practicing them in paddling formations. With only six boats in the water our guides had a great chance to work with everyone and offer up some tips and tricks. Shortly after it was time for lunch, we all paddled back as a raft part way then raced to shore for bragging rights. Getting lunch going was a bit of an ordeal with our stove not working properly our guides had to improvise quickly and decided we were heading to the cabins on the other end of the lake. The group minus one guide and participant hiked the 15 minutes over to the cabin where we were greeted with a fire and a solution to our cooking problem. This is where our day took a slight detour, for the rest of the day we played ninja, human knot and learned about fire building; as our efforts for a warm lunch and hot chocolate took longer than expected. Smiles where plentiful, learning was welcomed and friends were made, overall a fantastic day spent outside on the water.

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