Horseback ride tour at the Erin Valley Riding Stable (Sept.28, 2019)

By Annetta and Jordan

IIt was a nice, but chilly morning on Saturday 28th, 2019. We met in front of the Old Main building and went inside to sign all necessary documents for the trip. The group had 10 participants including organizers. After the official part was done, the group received the instructions and we were ready to go and seek our adventure! Everyone was excited about horses.

When we arrived, we were very warm met by the local dogs. They are so friendly, so they wanted to be pet by everyone in our group.

After such a horrible distraction, while our instructors were preparing horses for the first 5 people, we had a nice time drinking coffee with muffins and talking to each other. After the preparation was complete, we had instructions on how to seat and control the horse. Horses were so friendly and so smart, so they knew themselves where to go on what to do.

Erin Valley Riding Stable is an amazing place. The fields and stables are so wide, so it creates a sense of freedom and calm. It is also very well facilitated and maintained. There is a building with a dining room and table games, another building is made for the office and equipment storage, one more building designed to keep other animals like donkey and ponies and there is a washroom standing nearby the office building for the comfort of visitors. The great field area is intended for outdoor games and activities.

During the horseback ride, we all followed the instructor in the line. Our names were switched to the horse's names for the quick response. We went outside the Valley, the view was stunning. All these fields, some other horse stables, houses nearby and the forest line made us feel too far from the city fast pace, so we could finally relax and enjoy the moment. Riding a horse is so much fun! You feel yourself very tall and important, sitting there, so high. We went through the route made in the forest for the hiking and particular for the horseback ride activity. During the ride everyone communicated to each other and with the horses, we had so much fun!

When we returned from the trail, we had a very nice lunch that included 2 sandwiches, juice boxes, water bottles, coffee and banana per person. For participants with deities, we prepared a special menu, so everyone was full. No one was left to starve.

While one group had their lunch, another group started their journey. During the waiting time of the group, the friendly staff gave us an excursion and shared with us knowledge about horseback riding and their personal experience. This tour was not just fun but also informative. When the second group returned, we had some free time to take pictures, play games and talk to each other. Time to go back had come, so we wrapped up and returned to the Old Main building. There we shared our feelings and emotions about the trip and we all concluded that it would be great to do this activity again!

Thank you all for your participation!

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