Fishing and BBQ at Lac le Jeune (Oct 26th, 2019)

By Iurii Kozlov & Vikul Gupta.

On Saturday, Oct. 26th weather favoured us with a sunny day without any wind. It was just the perfect conditions for our fishing trip.

We were really lucky as Kamloops visitors centre cooperated with us and allowed us to collect rods and tackle boxes with our fishing license without bringing all participants to the Kamloops Visitor Centre. It saved us a lot of time, and we really appreciate this trust and hope to work together in the future! All participants came on time, however the bus was a little late. This gave us some extra time to get to know each other. There were 7 participants, our Guide Kyle, me, and my colleague Vik. It took us 25 minutes to reach Lac Le Jeune and we were way ahead of our schedule (thanks to Kamloops visitors centre). The weather at the lake area was even better than in Kamloops, however some spots around were covered with snow that demonstrate how close the winter is and how lucky we were to catch one of the last sunny day of this year.

For all the participants, beside me and first aid attendant Kyle, this was the first experience of spinning fishing. Some people tried traditional angling but usage of artificial baits was a new experience for our guests.

Before starting any bonding activities, all members of the group got to know each other already, thus we spent this time to explain some basic spinning fishing tactics, casting and reeling. While my partner and guide supervised our group fishing, I was preparing BBQ. One of participants was my girlfriend, and she started help me with food. Within 5 mins most of the guests came to help us with the BBQ. It was an awesome feeling of togetherness, and I could see how everyone was happy.

We ate burgers, hot dogs, drank hot chocolate and talked about student life and adventure experiences. Our first aid attendant happened to be a great storyteller, thus he told everyone many interesting things from his travelling all over the world.

After the BBQ, we tried our luck with fishing for about an hour but nobody caught any trout. Despite this fact, everyone had fun, socialized, met new friends and got out of town. All guests told us after the trip that it was an amazing experience. To me, this fishing tour was a chance to practice my leadership and planning skills.

After cleaning all the waste after our BBQ and packing all the gear, we called our driver and within half an hour our group was on the way to Kamloops.

We ended up at the TRU, lot XT and I was happy to see that guests sharing their contact information!

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