Canoeing The North Thompson River- October 26th, 2019

By Spencer Schoech & Carson Sadler


On the Beautiful morning of Saturday, October 26th, seven students and a couple of guides headed out to the sandy beachfront of the North Thompson River in Centennial Park. The students and guides all met at the gear bay at TRU before heading to westsyde to launch the canoes. Once at the scenic beach of the North Thompson River, the guides and trip leader team made up of Spencer, Carson, and Alec started with an ice-breaker activity, which resulted in everyone getting more comfortable and familiar with each other.

Above is an image of one of the canoes practicing the ‘J’ stroke to better their canoeing skills. J stroke, along with a multitude of other canoeing techniques, were taught to the guest on the canoe trip. These skills included but not limited to, learning the ‘draw’ and ‘pry’ method. These skills would help our guests learn how to turn the canoe in either direction swiftly and efficiently.

After learning some new skills, the group rafted up for the photo above. Then we broke apart and proceeded to play a couple of canoe games, including tag, and follow the leader.

Just over the halfway point of the trip, we decided to stop for lunch on a beautiful sandbar on the side of the North Thompson River. Where we enjoyed chicken Ceasar wraps as well as a variety of snacks to refuel our bodies for the journey ahead.

Overall the canoeing trip down the North Thompson River was very successful. Many students made new friends and learned new skills around canoeing. The trip was roughly just five hours long, from leaving TRU to getting back to the Gear Bay in parking lot XT on campus.

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