Battle Bluff Sunset Hike

Prepared by Bernard Rechico and John Wooding

On Thursday October 17th, Adventure U ran a trip up to the battle bluff trail to watch the sunset and enjoy some smores. This short and relatively easy hike is about 30 minutes away from TRU. We met at around 4:00 pm and headed out by bus to the trailhead.

We arrived at the trailhead just as the clouds were starting to part, it was awesome hiking weather. On our way up, our small group made good time and got to know each other. Although the hike is short, it is steep, it was nice to get the blood flowing.

Feeling good as we reached the top, we sat for a while, looking at our lovely surroundings. a cool breeze reminded us that the sun was near setting. We hurried up to set up our stoves for hot chocolate. We realized that the breeze wasn’t going to let up for us to make a fire, so instead we decided to experiment with stove smores. It wasn’t as effective, but it was worth a shot.

As the sun disappeared over the horizon John took some pictures of the group chatting on top of the bluff and we began making our way down the other fork of the trail to our starting point and pickup point.

With the trail descending the north-east side of the bluff, we quickly lost daylight, and briefly lost the trail. We found it quickly though and kept moving further and further from the light. A little adventure doesn’t hurt anyone!

Taking our time down the dark trail, we finally reached the base of the hill, walking the last few hundred meters down the road to our pickup spot. Our driver Gordon came to pick us up and we were back by 8:00pm

Short trips are still worth it, especially when we have fantastic views like these not too far away.

Looking forward to seeing you on one of our future trips!

Adventure U

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