Dancing Bats. Cold Feet. And Grins from Ear to Ear.

October 12-13, 2018 Watching Creek Hike/Camp Trip

The gear was all laid out and ready to go as people started showing up with smiles on their faces and warm clothes in their packs. The first task was fitting everything we needed for the night in our packs, ready to hike in with it. No car camping for this trip! We took advantage of the drive, soaking up the incredible view along the dirt road to Lac Du Bios Provincial Park. We waved goodbye to the van, standing at the trail head ready to tackle the weekend. The hike in was full of high spirits and excitement. Although a few adjustments were needed to settle the 40lbs packs comfortable on our backs.

It didn’t take long before we had reached our camp. A big clearing in the trees with an established fire ring and beautiful view of Watching Creek below.

Later in the evening we were visited by two bats. I’d never seen them flying around in the day time before, but there they were, dancing around with each other. The decided to hang out at eyelevel and got pretty close to some unexpecting faces!

As night fell, our new friends flew off into the night and we huddled around the fire with bursting burritos and messy s’mores. Conversation lasted late into the night, including any sort of topic you could think of and creating new friendships.

The next morning, we woke to another beautiful, sunny day! The consensus was that camping at this time of year resulted in cold toes. But despite the chill, we set off on a hike through the park. We followed an old road through the forest, enjoying the heat from the sun. Eventually, the trail opened up to a beautiful viewpoint showing the creek meandering below and the valley stretching out in front of us. The orange and yellow fall colors were a nice touch to the scenic views.

Once we took all the pictures we could, we headed back to camp where be packed up and hiked back out of this beautiful forest to meet the van.

Once back in civilization and the gear was unpacked, everyone was keen to help out and clean up from the trip. When all the tasks were finished, people kept hanging around, reluctant to leave. That’s the sign of a great trip!

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