A Canoe Trip Through Time

Although, a river is never the same day to day the pathways it creates can last century's. On this fall morning of our trip the 28th of October 2018, it was chilly with a light breeze and mist in the air. When we arrived at the put-in the wind and water current were moving in the same direction (toward our destination) and the sun was just beginning to break through the clouds. This was a relief because the forecast all week had called for rain.

During the same season but 156 years ago on October 13th 1862, Catherine Schubert arrived in fort Kamloops on a raft, where she gave birth to the first European baby born in British Columbia. Catherine's story is one of female empowerment as she refused to be left behind even when the rest of the male company the “Overlanders” were outraged that she would join them on their journey through the Rocky Mountains which claimed many lives. Catherine and her family made the journey and she became the first European female to arrive in B.C.

As Maris Fraser (Lead Guide on our trip) told us of Catherines story in detail at lunch. We began to imagine the rafts they built floating down the river beside us. When we got back on the water and arrived at the Overlander Beach we all took a moment to take in the beauty around us and the historical significance of the river we were travelling on.

There is so much history that has been created on the North Thompson and this is one of many stories. I am happy that our group got to add to the stories of this great river. Our story was one of fun social games in the morning refining our canoe skills and in the afternoon reflection, and a peaceful journey to our destination pioneer park.

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