A Late Lake Lark (now say it ten times fast)

Last week on Oct. 8th and 9th, AdventureU held it’s first overnight camping trip of the semester. Despite constant rain, fourteen students camped out at Paul Lake Provincial Park and had amazing time.

We arrived at the campground a few hours before nightfall and quickly got to work setting up camp. Our beautiful field was ringed with golden deciduous trees and dead wood that made wood gathering a breeze. Val quickly took the lead creating a fire in the rain and as evening fell, we enjoyed hotdogs, salads and most importantly, smores. The fire crackled while we got to know the hardy, international crew that had signed up for the night trek. After dinner the crew suited up and got ready for two hours of walking through the forest to the beautiful Gibraltar Rock and back.

As we walked, the blanket of clouds that covered up the night’s meteor shower provided extra warmth as it trapped the earths heat. We arrived at the top of the rock warm and satisfied. While on top of our objective Maris lead the group in some silent mindfulness exercises. We sat in silence and dark letting all our sense adapt to the world around us. We felt the rain on our face, heard the sound of ducks and wind in the night, watched lights shift in the houses far below us and smelled the smoke that still clung to our clothes. After this peaceful meditation we headed back to camp where some snuggled into bed quickly while others sat down for a night of cards and laughter.

The next morning we woke to a wonder buffet style breakfast and packed up our gear. Our transport arrived early and we were able to take a few photos before boarding the luxurious twenty four seat bus. Upon getting dropped off back at the gear bay the crew hung around to say goodbyes and exchange numbers. It felt like we had been gone much longer than the night and the friends we made would last us through the school year. The students that walked passed our group to class seamed unaware of the amazing time we had just had. This trip was an excellent escape before the workload of October set in.

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