Fall in Wells Gray Park

What a wonderful weekend we had to kickoff October with the AdventureU Club!

We began the day with a turn of events when recent reports had shown up to 50cm of snow deposited in our planned destination of Sheila Lake. This lead to a group decision to stick to a lower elevation where we chased waterfalls and hung onto the month of fall for just a little longer! The alternative trip was a hit with the group as we traversed the river valley and caught a view of 3 stunning waterfalls.

The trail begins at a hidden pullout just up the Clearwater Valley Rd about 4km. We got to the trailhead with all of our gear packed around 1100 to begin the roughly 10km hike.

First stop? Triple Decker Falls! This was an awesome start to the trip and served as a friendly spot for a great group photo (pictured).

After spending some time taking in the first spectacle of the day we continued on down the trail descending some steep banks with the help of some rope railings and tree anchors. Kyle our co guide even blessed us with some of his local nature knowledge at the bottom. After grouping up we came to one of our best viewpoints of the day at a cliff overlooking the Clearwater river and the infamous “Buckaroo” rapid. From here we took some ‘edgy’ photos before arriving at our favorite spot of the day Candle Creek Falls.

Candle Creek Falls stands probably 40-50 ft high with a small trail that follows back behind the curtain of the falls. This allows for an incredible connection with the falls as we can stand right under them while the shear natural force of the fall relentlessly drops. Again, another spot for some incredible photos with the group.

After all of the waterfall chasing, mouths were getting hungry so we continued down the trail in search of a good lunch spot. The team was on it preparing lunch and we had our own little thanksgiving feast in no time! On the menu was real turkey sandwiches, pumpkin pie and some great conversation!

The rest of the day brought us to some incredible rock walls and more great views, seriously I cannot say enough awesome things about this hike and the park itself. Another 5kms brought us to the parking lot where our chauffeur Kyle was there waiting with the vehicle.

We concluded the day with a friendly game of “Ninja” where our Winner took home one of our AdventureU Club T-shirts and of course some A&W for the drive home.

All in all, an incredible trip with some great weather and an awesome crew! To all those who joined us, thanks for making it a great trip and to those who couldn’t be a part of it this time we hope to see you out on the next club trip!

Our group highlight: Candle Creek Falls

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