AdventureU Kicks off the Fall Semester at Battle Bluff!

With Thanksgiving approaching this weekend, the Fall semester has entered full swing for students at TRU. The new AdventureU club management has settled in as well, and we are ready for another great year of everything from classic afternoon hikes to multi-day helicopter trips in the mountains. Most trips cost only $10, the rest being subsidized by TRUSU, so take advantage of these excellent excursions while you're here! Our first hiking trip of the fall was a mid September trip to a Kamloops classic, Battle Bluff. After we met each other at the TRU gear bay we loaded into the 15 passenger van and drove across Kamloops, past Tranquille, and over the bumps and dirt until we reached the trailhead. With some interpretation from Sheryl, a member of the AdventureU committee, we cracked some local juniper berries pulled right off the side of the trail; they smelt just like Gin! An herbaceous, citrusy tease before we began the 'steepest' section of our hike. Sheryl and I watched as the 9 TRU students scrambled up the bluff in no time as we ascended slowly, huffing, puffing...

At the top we were greeted by the famous battle bluff view of Kamloops Lake to the right and the city itself off in the distance to the left. While some of us unpacked the AdventureU guide bag and prepared the lunch (which may or may not have been contributing to our guide pace), others watched planes landing at the airport and counted the cars on the 'model train' flowing in and out of the desert hills across the valley from us.

For lunch we munched on bagels stuffed with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers, paired with chips and chocolate. While we sipped coffee atop our throne we were greeted by another group of hikers, a pooch, and none of our forecasted rain. The hike back was quick and cheery as we were getting to know each other and have a great time. In the last few minutes, the rain did finally show up and turned our final steps into a skill testing slip n' slide. No slips for us, just slides. We huddled back into the van, and after a little parking lot fishtailing we were back on our way to campus, smiles on our faces and mud on the floor. (Nothing an hour with the TRU vacuum couldn't fix) It was a blast being out with a bunch of new faces from near and far. Everyone was excited to meet each other and joke around. I am already looking forward to the next trip! Check out the 'Book Activity' tab above and sign up for a trip!

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