A walk in the clouds

It all began with Hot chocolate milk, snowfall, and the arrival of 7 participants all covered up heavy jackets, warm layers of clothing, toques, and gloves. The weather felt just perfect for the trip. I could see the participants already getting to know each other which gave me a positive vibe about the upcoming adventure.

We signed the waivers and tucked ourselves into the van to embark on our journey to Kenna Cartwright Park. We arrived at the park at 1:45 PM and officially introduced ourselves to each other. The cultural diversity was strong with this group as a total of 5 countries were present (Kenya, Germany, Canada, japan, and India). I gave participants a glimpse of what they can expect from the park, teased them about the Homemade Indian food that I prepared for them, and updated them on the condition of trail which fortunately, was nice and snowy.

With a minute of admiring the display of the park and a deep breathe, we began our hike. We were greeted by other hikers on the way who seemed joyful to see an international group of hikers. After 40 minutes into trailing, a participant started to feel doubtful about walking on the trail because of the grip of his running shoes. Luckily, I brought the shoe GripOns with me which I purchased a day before the hike from Canadian tire. I let him borrow them and he could instantly feel the confidence soaring. He wasn’t insecure about the hike anymore. I would highly recommend those Maxx Dry GripOns for a snow hike. You can buy them for 15 CAD.

I could feel a sense of community among the participants as they all socialized and knew each other in no time. A lot of questions were asked and answered. The fog and the snow made the whole trip resemble a beautiful walk in the clouds. The participants couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking views of Kamloops from different points of Kenna Cartwright Park and clicked many pictures.

At last, we reached the sunset point and decided to spend some time to relax and enjoy the view from the top. After more pictures, mingling and enjoyment of the overwhelming views, the gang commenced the journey back to where it began.

We arrived at the Parking lot of the Park and marched on the nearest sitting area where were going to have the meal. I cooked vegetarian homemade Indian wraps for everyone a day before the trip with major help from my mother who assisted me on all the steps via WhatsApp video call. I was concerned about whether they would like the wraps or not. However, the hype for the food was already generated and the participants were hungry. Finally, chips and the wraps were served. I glared at their faces as they took the first bite. “These are amazing!”, said one of them and the rest nodded with agreement. I was glad that they liked the food. With more talks about Indian food, all wraps were gone in an instant.

As we all came to the end of the trip, we tucked ourselves back in the van and travelled back to the University. We arrived at the gear bay at 5:10 PM, thanked each other for everything, and said our goodbyes.

As a first timer, I was anxious about organizing the trip. But then again, there is always a first time for everything. Now that the trip was a success, I feel more courageous about adventure trips. I would like to thank all members of the TRU Adventure U Outdoor Club, Adventure studies and Thompson Rivers University for giving me this influential opportunity and unforgettable experience.

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