Beaver swimming in McConnell lake!

During our hiking trip to McConnell lake on October 5th, we noticed a beaver swimming. It was having only its head above water while swimming. The hiking trip was really fun with people taking photos and getting to know each other. All of them developed a love for the mountains, trees and the lakes in that region. This lake is always calm and the view surrounding the lake with the trail, mountains and trees is just amazing. This is the first time, I was leading a trip and in the beginning I was shy to talk with people. But later on, I was feeling more comfortable to communicate with others. It was a good learning experience for me. Jesse and Ella were very helpful in organizing my trip and to make sure that everything went smoothly. I learned to appreciate the land, lake, trees, animals and the natural beauty of the place. We had people from all over the world for this trip. It was good to interact with people from different countries like Germany, Australia, Spain and of course Canada. The dinner also went well and Ella made hot chocolate for everyone of us.

Showing off the skills required to bounce stones on water. Competitive spirit!

We also played some ground games...

What a calm and beautiful lake...with the reflection of all of us standing together (united we stand)

Hiking through the woods was lovely. All of them enjoyed it!

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