On our hike around McConnell Lake on Thursday, Sept 14th we saw not one, not two but three moose!

After having a tailgate BBQ we set off on a 3.5 km hike around McConnell Lake to digest and take in the scenery. As we were nearing the end of our hike our lead dog Pilsner seemed like he smelled something up ahead, a minute later we were 30 feet away from a fully grown female moose (Photo Below).

This was so rare considering we had 20 people on our hike! We all halted and watched quietly and contently at this amazing creature. Eventually (after 10 minutes of admiration) as one large group we walked towards it looking for signs of aggression. The moose decided our group was to big to fight and kindly moved off the trail so we could finish our last 100 meters of our hike. As we walked past her we noticed a male moose about 30 ft more into the woods and another female not far from him. We all got out of the woods with out any moose charges and huge smiles from what we had all just seen!

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