McConnell Lake Hike and Campfire Oct 23,2016

Hi, anyone who are looking at this blog right now, I’m xianzhe, from China. I take the course and plan and lead this trip to McConnell Lake. I’m so nerves before this trip. I’m 阿afraid to talk to stranger and speak English in front of others, but I managed to take down this challenge, and we had a good time . Our goal is to build a multicultural team, make them know each other and have a good time outside, and I think we did pretty well on that. I don’t know what adventure means to you, but for me it is to meet new people and try new things. I hope you can find more and more fun and discover the nature and yourself whiling the time you study here.

Our journey is a round hiking trip around McConnell Lake, and has dinner around the campfire at the cabin in the mid-point. Luckily, we had a group with all the international students, who were from German, Australia, Netherlands and Spain. The trip was pretty smooth, until we had a trouble with our campfire. Because of the rain from last night, most of the wood we found there were wet, it was really hard for us to start the fire, good thing we had Natalie to help us out. We prepared a game called undercover, which is an ice breaker game to get everyone involved, and it’s good to see that everyone enjoyed it. The other thing we didn’t prepared properly is the food. It seems that we tried to cover every part of the dinner, but we didn’t get enough of them. The atmosphere was so great and made us stayed a bit longer.

In general, we accomplished our target in this trip. Everyone communicate with each other and learned some more about their countries. They also seem pretty satisfied with our trip as well. I’m glad to see people had fun on our trip and offer them something memorable in their life, and I’m looking forward to get another chance to organize another trip.

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