Clipper down!

Events occur in your life that put you in water. In this case it would be much easier to be a penguin in a canoe. Imagine, you could slide in and out and never have to worry getting wet. Mind you, it might be hard to hold a paddle.... Another choice would be to refrain from holding onto the gunnels when you get to excited during a game of dragon tail.

Then again, isn't the point of adventuring to get out and develop a close connection with nature? I know here at the TRU AdventureU Club, we do just that! You can go ahead and sink your clipper and we will provide you with a safe atmosphere to do so. In this case you can see in my left hand that I am holding the first aid kit and we have decide to play our games close to shore. This is what we call mitigating risk. Make sure when you are out having fun that you think ahead about your potential risk hazards so that you can stay safe and still have fun in the outdoors.

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