Lac le Jeune Hike - Oct. 2, 2016

Hello, I’m Jaime, a fourth year Bachelor of Business student studying at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). Recently, I took thirteen TRU students out to Lac le Jeune Provincial Park to go on a hike around the lake. This was my first trip I planned and ran for the TRU Adventure U Club. Seeing as I am not an Adventure Studies student myself, I wanted to create and execute an activity that was open to all levels, and welcomed students to join in on their first TRU Adventure U outing. The TRU Adventure U Club has a motto of “Be social, get outside and have fun.” When on my activity, I kept those three ideas in mind, and decided to ask some of the participants if they personally related with those sayings.

The first part of our motto is to be social. Talking with Sondre, who is an international student from Norway, he told me that he really loves that aspect of this club. Sondre has come on two TRU Adventure U Club activities so far this fall. He discussed how he loves to meet new friends on each trip, and it allows him to get to know other students from TRU. I believe that our club is a really inclusive and diverse space that allows for students coming from different programs, backgrounds and countries to interact with one another and create friendships. Part of the reason why people are a part of the TRU Adventure U Club is because it allows them the opportunity to meet new people who share similar interests.

‘Get outside’ is a huge element of the TRU Adventure U Club. Every single activity and trip that we run involves getting outdoors and exploring new parts of Kamloops and the surrounding areas. A lot of students find that their days consist of going to class and studying, and some do not make the time to get outside. The TRU Adventure U Club wants to create activities for students to get active and explore the outdoors. This allows for students to make the time to come and join us and to get outside. On my trip to Lac le Jeune, I talked with some of the students and they told me that getting outside was really important to them. However, they were saying how it is difficult for them to do that when they do not have a car at university. A couple of students said that they have gone and hiked in Kenna Cartwright Park, which is located close to campus, but that after awhile they get bored and want to explore new things. The TRU Adventure U Club is a great resource to them because it allows for them to get to see new places and try new outdoor activities, without needing to have all of the resources and time to plan their own trip.

The final major aspect of the TRU Adventure U Club is to have fun. Overall, we want to create memorable experiences for the students coming along on our trips. Though being social and getting outside are huge parts of who we are, we also want to prioritize the fun factor for each trip. Every guide and person organizing each trip makes sure to include elements of fun. When planning my trip, I wanted to ensure that all of the participants on my trip were comfortable and happy. To do this, I had a couple of icebreaker games at the beginning to get people talking and making connections. I find that when you know everyone, you become a lot more comfortable in any situation. As well, to make sure everyone had fun, I was pretty relaxed and told the students that they could stop at any point, to take pictures, drink some water, or do whatever they needed to do. This way, we held a more comfortable walking pace, and people were happy to be able to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. The last part of my plan was to have lunch prepared and ready to be served as soon as we got back from our hike. I had pre cut and packaged everything accordingly the night before so that there was no delay in eating when we arrived. I think that this was a good move, because after a three hour long hike, people were hungry and ready to eat. After my trip, I had a lot of students come up and thank me, and let me know that they really enjoyed the hike. This was a great feeling, and I am glad that I made sure to think of what people might need in order to keep everyone satisfied and to make it a memorable experience.

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