Hi, I’m Nicolas, a member of the Adventure U club.

One of the reasons that I chose Thompson Rivers University, was to continue my studies with a great diversity of people that we find on campus. From time to time, you are immersed in other cultures. On campus, 85 nations are represented and every semester more than 1,750 international students are enrolled here at TRU.

On the last weekend of September, I had the chance to lead a multi-activity trip up to Roche Lake, one of the many BC parks. In this adventure, there were 13 people coming for the trip. Each one of us with a different background and different stories to tell. We brought kayaks, tents, sleeping bags, firewood, plenty of food and the excitement was palpable. We were set for a beautiful weekend.

Upon our arrival, the sun was out and the lake seemed in perfect condition to paddle on. We quickly set-up camp and prepared the boats. After some solid teamwork and safety instructions, each of us was in a boat ready to explore the lake. Roche Lake is well known by locals for the abundance of rainbow trout. As soon as we were paddling we knew why the place was so popular. The fish were jumping all around us. There were so many that we could have caught one or two with our hands.

When we arrived back on land, we started to get dinner ready and we fired up the campfire. Paul, one of the guests, had his fishing rod and cooked us fish as an appetizer. The rest of the evening rolled out like a classic night here in Canada. We sat around the fire sharing stories, while roasting some marshmallows.

One of the highlights of my trip was the way everyone connected. It was a unique experience for me to bring people from Germany, Bangladesh, China, India and Ukraine together to enjoy the outdoors. It showed me that nature is so important to us and whatever our background is we can all relate to it.

It was also a special weekend for most of the students. A lot of “firsts” happened over the two days. First time in a kayak, first time eating Smores, first time sleeping outside and a lot more. Even though the trip only lasted 48 hours, I’m sure that the memories will be there for a while.

The beauty of the Outdoor Adventure U club is that it makes the world feel smaller. Emotional connections have no borders.

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