The Fox Forty Whistle

I am what you call a Fox 40 whistle junkie. I own a dozen of these pea less life savers.

I first came across the company when I started doing backcountry canoe trips a decade ago in the early 2000’s. The company has been around since 1987 and I was surprised to learn that the demand for the whistles originated to support referee’s in conventional sports. It’s main market revolved around basketball.

This may look like a regular whistle but it is nothing but. The whistle has been a water rescue favorite for years for its unique design. Unlike a conventional whistle, you may notice that the Fox 40 whistles lacks the tiny little pea size ball inside that makes the sound.

As a young referee, the founder of Fox 40, wanted to make a whistle that was more effective when the inner parts got wet or dirty. After many prototypes, Ron developed a whistle inspired by instruments that can function without the pea sized ball. The whistles are crafted without glue, but welded together.

It was not long before other industries rather than the just the sport industry learned they could benefit from this tiny little innovation. It is now used all over the world, from water safety, search and rescue, coast guards, police, marines, ski patrol, lifeguards to the average outdoor enthusiast.

The whistles average between $2-$15 and come in all shapes and colors. Each design also comes with it’s own decibel rating. The company has done a suburb job in customizing each whistle according to its designed profession.

My personal favorite is the Fox 40 MICRO. This design is flat, perfect for attaching to your lifejacket. I have had had classmates and colleagues lose their CLASSIC versions when they heave themselves back into their boats from an unprompted-to swim in the river. The MICRO whistle have a less chance to snag on boat edges as a result of their compact design.

You can’t underestimate the value of a whistle when you need one. The Fox 40 design allows you the security of a failsafe blow. I have attacked these to every item that comes with me to different places - lifejackets, packs, key’s, climbing harness. Whatever the profession is, Fox 40 has the whistle for you.

Check it out their website or find them at any sporting goods store.

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