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So, let's look at rule number 3: we have a clear goal - we need to buy an apartment that costs 4,800,000 rubles for 4,500,000 rubles. We call and ask not stupid questions, but only those that are relevant, not forgetting about rule number 1

We find out how many owners the property has - the more there are, the more difficult it is to negotiate the price, because it is always difficult for a large number of owners to come to a compromise. We find out the goals of the owner, it is important to know. If he says that he wants to sell the apartment quickly, because he has already found another place to live, this is good for us.

If he asks if we have a deal scheme and a plan, we ask how quickly he is ready to make a deal and leave. Next, we arrange a viewing. During it we ask all the same questions. Often the owner says one thing on the phone, and another when showing. As the investigators say, “confused in the testimony.”

We do not express any comments on the decoration and condition of the apartment. We will do this later in the letter. We leave with a dry goodbye. When leaving, we ask for an email where we can send our price offer.

Now once again we look at rule number 2 - you need to bargain in correspondence. Emotionless.


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