Maple Leaf School



Maple Leaf School (MLS) was the first school opened in Canada by Maple Leaf Education North America Ltd., which is a subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems.  International students in grades 10-12 attend MLS to complete academic study while studying English and other languages. The intent of the program is to give students an advantage in post-secondary institutions and focuses on academic achievement, while also participating in outdoor adventure activities. Blake Defieux, who has a background in geography and education, is the principal.

            The purpose of this webpage is to provide a space where Maple Leaf students can come together to view upcoming outdoor adventure trips, as well as photos and testimonials from past trips. Students are able to book trips they wish to participate in and get all the information about the trip (trip dates and times, pre-trip meeting times, equipment lists, etc.).

Trips Offered This Semester:

1. Harper Mountain Night Skiing

2. McConnell Lake Overnight Trip

3. Cliffside Climbing Gym Day Trip

4. Paul Lake Overnight Canoe Trip