Thank you for your interest in guiding with the AdventureU Club! Please download the AdventureU Handbook and the Guide Package which will help you along the process of planning and facilitating your trip. 

If you would like to propose a trip, see the "TEMPLATES" page for a Trip Proposal template. Then, visit the "SUBMIT PLANS" page to submit it to the executive board to be approved. Start working on your Trip Plan (see template page) and once your Trip Proposal is approved, your trip coordinator will contact you in regards to submitting your Trip Plan document.

If you would like to host an event through the AdventureU Club, please download the Event Plan template and submit your proposed event to the "SUBMIT PLANS" page.

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TRU AdventureU Club Handbook

Please download the handbook and familiarize yourself with club standards and protocols. Refer to the handbook if you have any questions about how the club works.

Guide Instruction Package

This instruction package was put together to guide you through the steps necessary to plan and facilitate a trip. Please download it and read through the sections.