This space was created to provide a simple way for guides to get involved with the AdventureU Club. In this area you will find handbooks, templates and additional information about your potential position guiding for the AdventureU Club. To get started, look below for descriptions of each section of the guide's area. Looking forward to working with you!

Jumping Mountain Biker


The best way to familiarize yourself with the AdventureU Club is to read the handbook.

Guy Skiing


This is a schedule of the upcoming trips. You can view the schedule and sign up for any trips looking for guides.

Man Climbing

Submit Plans

Submit your trip proposal, trip plan or event plan.

Whitewater Kayaker


Find trip proposal, trip plan, event plan, and budget (etc.) templates.


Gear Inventory

Wondering what gear is available for your potential trip? Check out the inventory lists!

Crater Lake


Check this space for potential guide partnerships, FAQ, or to submit photos from your trip.