TRU's Adventure Studies Department

is well know for it's unique Adventure Guide Training Diploma, which often sets the standards for adventure guide training in several adventure disciplines.


While the diploma courses are for diploma specific students only due to the pre-requisites required, there are many upper level ADVG Adventure Courses available to students of 3rd and 4th year standing.

Each year the following courses are available for you to take as an elective, or choose several to create a minor:


-ADVG 4160 Tour Operations

-ADVG 4040 Programming adventure Activities

-ADVG 3200 Adventure and Sport Tourism

-ADVG 4010 Business Applications for Eco and Adventure Tourism


-ADVG 4210 Adventure & Sport Marketing

-ADVG 4220 The Culture of Adventure

-ADVG 4020 Legal Liability and Risk management

-ADVG 4130 Adventure Studies Field school 

Contact AdventureU Outdoor Club faculty advisor Craig Campbell for details-