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April 3, 2016

The newest most efficient technique to a throw bag Rescue


I recently can across a new throw bag technique for Swift Water Rescue called the TRU method. The method was developed by a graduate student of the Adventure Diploma Program at Thompson Rivers University and is...

April 2, 2016

Each day we see videos or read stories splattered across the inter web of people pushing the envelope. We sometimes find ourselves shaking our heads at people, not knowing what could have compelled them to pursue such an unimaginable risky act. Other times we feel a ti...

April 2, 2016

It was mid November and winter was approaching. A group of us headed to the Adirondacks Mountains for 5 days to summit as many peaks as we could. The temperature was forecasted to drop and a slog of snowy days was a guarantee. Our third day in, the weather drastically...

April 2, 2016

The Fox Forty Whistle


I am what you call a Fox 40 whistle junkie. I own a dozen of these pea less life savers.


 I first came across the company when I started doing backcountry canoe trips a decade ago in the early 2000’s. The company has been around since 1987 and I w...

March 17, 2016

Can you honestly say that you have NEVER forgotten anything? It is a humbling universal trait that we all exhibit. We all inevitably forget something that leaves us feeling unprepared. For some this is a daily ritual.


We repetitively forget. We forget birthdays, meetin...